The Witchfinder (2022)

The Witchfinder

For this 6×30 series for BBC2, we provided Marine coordination, safety and support across multiple marine locations for the river/lake swimming sequence in Episode 5, shot from shore and camera boat positions.

We provided the following services:

  • RAMS and marine consultancy for Environment Agency filming permit applications
  • Safety boat, camera boat, and in-water cast support at the River Thames location
  • Lifeguarding and in-water cast support at the lake location in Chichester
  • Drysuit and PPE hire for camera shoreline/wading shots
  • Lake water quality testing and analysis for cast immersion
  • Marine coordination and risk management for the shoot

The King (2020)

For this feature film shot on location in Wales, filming took place aboard a replica sailing vessel – The Matthew of Bristol. We were engaged as a sub-contractor to provide personnel aboard the hero vessel to:

  • Liaise between the sailing crew, production team and wider marine teams
  • Assist with filming passage planning and MCA coding exemption criteria (with special dispensation to exceed coding restrictions agreed specifically for the shoot)
  • Coordinate boat-to-boat transfers of personnel to expedite egress from set upon wrap of the picture boat
  • Liaise with support tug unit (EXT VFX plate shots)

For the beach landing scenes on location at Oxwich Bay, we additionally provided personnel for:

  • Shoreline and in-water support / safety cover
  • Marine installations of modular floating pontoon
  • Camera boat operations

Angel Has Fallen (2019)

For this feature film shoot action sequence shot on Virginia Water, Surrey – we were engaged by Ocean Films to provide marine crew for the following support craft: 

  • Camera boat 
  • Runner/support boat
  • SFX + pyrotechnics barges 
  • Rescue/diving tender
  • Bankside safety and boat wrangling

The Third Day (2020)

This SKY/HBO 6×60 series and 1×720 immersive livestream (The Third Day: Autumn) featured locations across the east of England. The schedule included two substantial blocks of filming on Osea Island (limited access by tidal causeway – or by boat!), as well as various estuaries and beaches across Kent and Essex.

Onboard from early prep, Focus Marine was engaged as a Marine Department sub-contractor to provide a range of support services including:

  • Tidal surveys and location feasibility reports
  • Technical recces and marine consultation
  • Marine transport facilitation for 200+ cast/crew on island
  • Helicopter operations (MEDEVAC) coordination
  • Hero boat research, procurement, and transportation coordination and management
  • Personnel for marine filming operations including:
    • Camera boat operations
    • Safety boat operations
    • Support craft operations
    • Lighting barge operations
    • In-water support
    • Wading and shoreline rescue cover
    • Marine supervision  (main unit) and coordination (2nd and splinter units)
  • RAMS and passage planning for mid-water hero boat sequences
  • Talent action boat training (with RYA accredited personnel)
  • Marine pyrotechnics procurement and risk management
  • HM Coastguard liaison services for filming operations
We were pleased to collaborate on this production with: Marine Department – principal contractor/coordinator;  Heritage Marine – marine engineering, fabrication, steel pontoon installation and support craft charter; Quest Marine  – passenger and camera vessel charter; Ocean Films – camera vessel charter; Pontoon Provider – modular floating pontoon; Estuary RIB Tours – crew transport charter; Sophie Lea Fishing Charters – support craft charter; H2O Safety – ILC charter

Rebecca (2020)

For this feature film shot on location in North Cornwall, Focus Marine was engaged as a Marine Department sub-contractor to provide personnel for following services: 

  • Hero boat research, procurement and preparation for SFX rigging
  • Specialist hero boat transport coordination between vendor, SFX workshop and set
  • Camera boat and safety boat crewing on location
  • In-water safety personnel
  • Shoreline safety personnel and supervision

Trying (2021)

For this Apple TV series shoot on Regents Canal in London, we were sub-contracted to provide personnel for:

  • Underwater camera support/rescue boat operations
  • Bankside and water safety
  • Transport coordination for movement of equipment and rigging by boat during prep/strike
  • RAMS and river works licence application for pre-filming riverbed survey to identify any hazards
  • RAMS and application for Canal & River Trust filming permit

ABRDN (2021)

For this commercial shot in London, we were engaged by Rogue Films to provide a full suite of marine coordination services:

  • Location recce and RAMS
  • Marine coordination for lake canoeing sequence
  • Camera boat (with electric outboard engine)
  • Safety kayaker + cast instructor (British Canoeing accredited)
  • In-water and shoreline safety cover for wading camera positions
  • Specialist medical and rescue cover
  • Lifejackets and PPE for crew working near the waterline
  • Hero canoe charter and transportation